Thoughts on time

Time is not passing bye. Moments pass, people die and things disappear. But time is there. Now, before, and after all. Always. And there is no ‘now’. No ‘now’ just by itself. There is nothing more stupid to repeat than that odd and childish imperative ‘just live now!’. As if life – or even history – was just a simple chronology of ‘nows’. ‘Now’ by itself is not consistent. Every ‘now’ behaves towards a future. And towards a past by coming from a past. Or it is just meaningless. Context makes a strategy. And development history. ‘Now’ gains its sense within a strategy, as soon as it has an aim in the future or results from the past. And without strategy, without goals and results there is no ‘now’, the ‘now’ can build on. Every attempt of a ‘now’ without strategy is lost in direction, and hands itself in every moment to a meaningless, isolated and noneffective ‘before’. An isolated ‘now’ leaves ‘now’ to those who rule ‘now’. They do so, because they have a strategy. And their strategy is not simply to rule ‘now’. The winning strategy is automatically ruling the ‘now’, by ruling the past and the future. ‘Soon’ is something, if urgent hurry exists. ‘Soon’ can be a strategy. But ‘now’ is nothing. Last but not least because ‘now’ is only all that is. And only that. One can’t just change ‘now’. ‘Now’ is always a given. Hard as it comes. At all times. One can only change ‘now’ by altering the behavior towards the future. Yes, you can change a strategy or a goal in the future. That is fine, we all do. Sometimes at least. Only this will change the condition of ‘now’, of how we act ‘now’, what we do, or we choose not to do. It changes that very ‘now’. It changes the past. And it changes the future.